Prof.Dr.Hülya Gökmen Özel

Dean's Message

Dear Incoming Students,

The Faculty of Health Sciences at Hacettepe University brings together the specific areas of health sciences including: Nutrition and Dietetics, Child Development, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, and Audiology. Led by internationally renowned academicians, our faculty adopts the principles of internationalization to promote lifelong learning amongst our students. We set forth to be unique in every platform with our student-centered educational and training programs that are based on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary models. Our training programs are continuously being updated by taking into account the feedback we receive from students, alumni and employers to keep up with the ever-changing health requirements of the present day. Our students’ work provides important contributions to the health community and its improvement. Thus, they are being educated to have an awareness that will enable them to be evidence-based practitioners during the delivery of their future services.

Regarding international opportunities, our students can participate in exchange programs within the scope of the Erasmus, Mevlana, and Farabi projects. Students can also benefit from the rich cultural and artistic activities of our university, and are able to be active participants in the sports festivals and student communities.

Since the foundation of our faculty, our administrators, academicians and administrative personnel have sought to provide and uphold the highest level of quality in each of our departments. As a current student and future alumni, you will carry the distinction of being a graduate of our esteemed university into successful careers. You will continue the our tradition of producing highly qualified professionals, effective communicators, who are consulted at every platform.

We welcome each of our students to the 2019-20120 academic year, and wish you all success.


Prof.Dr.Hülya Gökmen Özel PhD


Faculty Dean Deputy has been assigned
03 August, 2016